Happy New Year!


My hair is back! Many of you saw me for your taxes last winter when I was bald and wearing a hat. It will be wonderful not to have to wear a hat anymore. Many of you have asked me how I am doing. I have had two mammograms since radiation treatments ended in February and so far there has been no cancer. Thank God for this. I will continue to think positive and truly believe I have beaten this.

There are no significant tax law changes this year. Standard deduction and personal exemption went up a little this year. I will have my website updated after January 16th when I complete the yearly tax law update course required for my CPA license.

Take a look at these websites which I found helpful.

1) What to throw out for your taxes

2) Tax law updates for 2011

Please call me 315-226-5587 with any questions or for an appointment. If I do not answer please leave a message with the telephone operator. I will get it and call you back as soon as I get home. Or text me on my cell phone 585-919-4966 and I can respond to your text message right away or call you back.

I look forward to seeing you soon for your taxes. May the New Year be a happy and prosperous for you.


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