About Cindy

Cynthia RohlinCynthia A. Rohlin was born and raised in Rochester, NY. She attended School #31, which is now School #1. She mainstreamed at Greece Arcadia High School and graduated from there. Then she went to Rochester Institute of Technology and majored in accounting. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

She has worked in many different jobs throughout the years. In the 1980s, she worked for HR Block. In 1987, deaf/hearing impaired people began asking her for help preparing their tax returns. The number of people who see her began to increase every year. She developed her own tax practice “Rohlin Tax Service.”

In 1998, she became a Certified Public Accountant. She takes courses every year to update herself on recent tax law changes, which are a yearly requirement for her license.

E-mail Cindy if you have any questions or concern.