Christmas 2012

Here is my Christmas letter for you to read.

Another year has gone by.   I continue to be healthy so far in my fight with breast cancer.   It has now been almost two years since I finished my cancer treatments.   I continue to have checkups every six months and will continue to do so for three more years.  I am not “out of the woods” until I pass my five year mark but so far so good.  I am so thankful that they caught it early and that I have an excellent chance.

One of the best part of the year for me was the birth of my granddaughter.  Madeline Rohlin was born on October 1.   She is an absolutely gorgeous baby and looks like my son.  My baby picture and Madeline’s picture are so much alike.  I can’t wait until I go to Ohio this weekend for Christmas and see her and hold her.   I have attached a picture of me holding her when I saw her at the end of October.  My son got a new job in August and is now a college professor at Kent State University where his wife also works.

I will continue to do your taxes.  It is my favorite hobby although some people can’t imagine this as a hobby. I now do income tax returns for every state in the United States.  You can scan all of your tax documents to me in an email and I can process the return within 24 hours and let you know the results.  I do not need the original tax documents in my possession:  just the numbers.   If you are satisfied with the tax results I can scan the efile authorization forms to you for your signature then we’re done.  You should get your federal tax refund in ten business days: the states take a little longer.

We can still have appointments to discuss any tax saving strategies and go over any questions that you may have.   For every referral that you make for me to see your family members or friends I give a $15 discount off of my fee.

I will post the 2012 tax law changes in the middle of January when Congress makes a decision on the fiscal cliff issues.  In the meantime feel free to call me if you have any questions.   315-226-5587.   I am usually in my office all the time and relax for the evening after 9 pm.   I am not available by phone after that time.

In the meantime have a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year.


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