Happy New Year! Something new this year…

Big change this year.   Please see the IRS Notice.

For many years many of you have asked me to deduct my fees from your refund.  Because of identity theft and fraud I cannot do this anymore.  There were some clients whose refund checks were held up because of identity theft.   There are two ways you can pay me.

One is to pay me with a check when your tax return is done.

Second way for those of you who do not have money to pay me is to have the bank deduct my fee from the refund.  The bank River City Bank will charge $29.95 for the tax return.  This appears to be the best bank package I can find.

Yes I am still doing taxes!  Tax season starts on January 29thYou don’t need an appointment!  You can scan all of your tax documents to me in an email and I can process the return within 24 hours and let you know the results.  I do not need the original tax documents in my possession: just the numbers.  If you are satisfied with the tax results I can scan the efile authorization forms to you for your signature then we’re done.  You should get your federal tax refund in ten business days: the states take a little longer.  For federal check your refund at www.irs.gov “Where is My Refund?” and for NYS, check NYS Department of Taxation “Where is My Refund?”

We can still have appointments to discuss any tax saving strategies and go over any questions that you may have.  For every referral that you make for me to see your family members or friends I give a $25 discount off of my fee.

In the meantime feel free to call me if you have any questions.  315-226-5016.  I am usually in my office all the time and relax for the evening after 9 pm.  I am not available by phone after that time.   Or send me an email.   I am also on Facebook as Cynthia Rohlin CPA.

In the meantime have a very Happy New Year.


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